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SpacePugs Roadmap

The SpacePugs roadmap is a strategic plan that outlines the phased development, key milestones, and future endeavors of the SpacePugs NFT project, encompassing community engagement, content releases, and platform enhancements.

2023 - Project Announcement:


Introducing the project to the public, launching the official SpacePugs website, and establishing its presence across various social media platforms.

2023 - Community Building:

Build Momentum

SpacePugs will employ a variety of strategies such as community contests, whitepaper release, AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions, and other promotional activities to garner interest and build a solid community of early supporters.

2023 - Launch:

Official Launch

  • Launch of SpacePugs Art Therapy competitions
  • Release whitepaper and near term roadmap
2023 - NFT Launch:

NFT Mint

Genesis Launch, releasing a limited series of uniquely crafted SpacePug NFTs. Early adopters exclusive access to SpacePugs NFTs - the foundation for the future of mental wellness!

2024 - Metaverse Integration:

Use Case Development

  • Collaborate with existing metaverse platforms to integrate
  • Educational content and platform release
  • Hold virtual SpacePugs events, gatherings, and treasure hunts in the metaverse.

Our Mission

Our mission at SpacePugs NFT is to foster mental wellness in the digital age through the power of digital art. We believe that by cultivating a supportive community and promoting self-expression, we can create value for SpacePugs holders while making a meaningful and positive impact on individuals' lives worldwide.

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